House of Prayer Christian Academy FAQ’s
What curriculum is used at HPCA?
We use the School of Tomorrow Accelerated Christian Education curriculum and Abeka curriculum.
When does school begin and end?   What days?
School starts at 8:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm.     Monday through Thursdays at HPCA.   Fridays are optional at-home or in school days, if needed.   
When are holidays and breaks?
The school calendar 
Do we have Chapel?
We have chapel once a week on Wednesday before lunch and it is held in the House of Prayer church sanctuary.   
Do students participate in state testing?
Students of private schools are not required by the Arkansas Department of Education to participate in Arkansas ACT Aspire state testing.  However,  in order to ensure educational benchmarks are met,  the Iowa Standardized test will be given each year in late spring.     This type of test benefits students to help identify areas of strengths and weakness and to focus on areas for improvement.    
Do we wear uniforms?
Yes, the students are required to wear uniform polos in a choice of colors and black pants (boys) or black skirts (girls).     
Chapel uniform consists of a white dress shirt and red tie with black pants for the boys.     The girls will wear a red sweater and white shirt with black skirt. 
Since the school is a private school, is the school accredited?     
Currently, HPCA is seeking accreditation and the process takes a few years to meet each standard.     However, the curriculum aligns to the State of Arkansas standards and credit requirements for high school students.       Students of HPCA do have the option to obtain an accredited diploma from Lighthouse Christian Academy as a dually enrolled student prior to HPCA accreditation.