House of Prayer Christian Academy Staff
Rev. Benjamin Whorton
HPCA Principal
Rev. Ben Whorton, HPCA Principal, is highly experienced and educated, having spent over  20 years in Christian Education as a Principal, Head Master, Administrator, Supervisor and Monitor.    Rev. Whorton has also been involved in full time ministry for 22 years in various roles as Pastor, Deacon, Educator, Teacher, and  Youth Pastor.   Together, with his wife Melissa, the Whorton’s are blessed with 8 children
Rev. Dennis Heath
Rev. Dennis Heath, Pastor of the House of Prayer Holiness Church,   is actively engaged in the education and lives of HPCA students.   Pastor Heath ministers weekly to the HPCA students in Chapel services. Pastor Heath has been involved in Christian education for many years and is determined to build character and instill values into the lives of HPCA students. 
S. Lynn Heath
HPCA staff
Sis. Heath, Pastor’s wife of the House of Prayer Holiness Church, has been an educator for 24 years.    She has taught Physics and various science courses at both high school and college levels.  She is an adjunct professor for Heritage Bible College in Savannah, GA.    
Lori Beth Provence
HPCA Staff
Lori Beth Provence, is a wonderful addition to the HPCA staff.   We are excited to have her again this year.    Lori Beth enjoys singing, working with young people,  children’s ministry and is always willing to help out wherever needed. 
Amber Owens
HPCA staff
Amber Owens, Physical Education teacher, is a great blessing to the students and staff at HPCA.   She is involved in HPCA fundraisers, activities, fall festival and teacher appreciation.  She is the coordinator for the House of Prayer Holiness Church Van Ministry and also a Sunday School teacher for ages 6 -8.   Amber currently works as a property manager and has nursing and emt experience.